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About Us

I’m Matt,

I don’t really describe myself as a prepper or survivalist.

I’m just a normal guy who wants to make sure his family is kept safe from all of the bad stuff that life occasionally throws our way.

I’ve been into the outdoors and “huntin' shootin' and fishin” for all of my life.

It started as a necessity when I was a kid with my Dad, otherwise we would have starved back then.

Nowadays its just who I am.

I’ve been in disaster situations around the world and in my own neighborhood, as part of emergency response setups and I still work out there as a remote medic

I’ve seen how life can just slip away sometimes, through a lack of basic preparedness or applied knowledge.

​There are those in our society who expect that in disasters, the government will drop by double quick and be able to sort things out for them.

Unfortunately that just isn’t the case.
Worse case scenario, you will have to look after yourself and those around you for as long as it takes…

A few days?

A Month?

You need to prepare for the bad stuff.

I’m not some survival expert guru like you see on TV – some of them are questionable anyway, but I am doing my best to keep things real.

Keep Safe,