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Bugging Out Or Staying Put Three Essential Kits Every Survivalist Should Have

By Matt


Three Essential Kits Every Survivalist Should Have

It’s great that many of us have been able to put stuff away for some time, gradually building up a reserve of stores and resources over the medium to long term.

But what if you are just starting out?

What should you be putting together whilst you look at the long-term plans.

Here’s three kits that I think everyone should have, whether you are a seasoned prepper/survivalist or a newbie just starting out.

As disasters can take on many scenarios and strike at any time, I’ve put some stuff together to cover what I think are the most likely to happen near me, excluding major breakdown or a catastrophic event.

Stay Home – Leave Home – Get Home

Kit 1 – The Stay Home Emergency Kit

I may have to remain around my home for an extended period of time with no utilities available to me.


For me, this may be following a major storm or earthquake.

It’s probably safe for me to stay, but I’m gonna need some extra gear to see me and my family through until normality is resolved.



Water –

  • I have a huge water tank in my back yard that takes all the rainwater of the roofs, but when the grid goes down, I can’t pump it through the house very well.
  • So i’ve got plenty of stores of bottled water and I’m sorting out more long – term solutions to make sure I have reliable emergency power available soon.

Food –

  • Non – perishable foods – canned and dried meals. I also have a decent supply of staple goods like flour, sugar and dried milk.

Light –

  • I’ve got plenty of torches with spare batteries. I’ve also got some glow-sticks if needed.
  • If needed I have a couple of Tilley lamps that run off kerosene.

Heat –

  • We’re not dependent on power for our heat and having learnt the hard way about having adequate wood fuel, we are always well stocked up for when we need it.

Sources of Information –

  • Well like many these days, I’m pretty buggered without Wi-Fi and my laptop.
  • We do have a portable radio if things get that bad, that there are no phones and Internet. We have a local disaster emergency channel to tune into for updates.

First Aid Kit –

  • I’ve got a comprehensive kit for trauma and medical problems as well as meds for most minor stuff. You might want to set yourself up for a first aid course before you need to draw on some of this knowledge!


Kit 2 – Bug Out  – AKA – Get the F Out Of Here Kit or Get Away From Home.

It’s not safe to stay here now and we need to move out.


We’ve got supplies put together in kits, so we can move out pretty sharpish if we need to.

Although we use GPS, we also have maps and routes planned should that be needed.

If we need to be self sufficient we can be, or we can move to be with other folks if that’s safe and prudent to do so.


Food supplies that don’t need cooking to be able to eat them.

Plenty of water.

I have some spare fuel in jerry – cans and I keep my truck topped up. Another one of those lessons learnt the hard way!


Kit 3 – The Get Me Home Kit



I often work away from home, and what would normally be a couple of hours commute, would probably take me a couple of days to hike it back home.

If I have to abandon my truck for whatever reason and there’s no other way, walking home, it will have to be.

So this kit stays in my truck, it’s an upgraded three-day pack.

I’ve got some water to start me off but I anticipate having to find some along the way and purifying it as necessary.

It’s just impractical to carry water for 3-4 days.

Keeping weight down as much as possible I have some dehydrated food to last a couple of days.

A change of clothes as my work stuff just isn’t up to rugged terrain.

I also carry a small hammock bivouac for shelter.

That’s it.

Three kits to cover most things that are most likely to happen locally for me.

They’re not comprehensive by any stretch, but IMO, an indication of where to start.

So before you spend a fortune on a container load of food and a safe full of guns and silver – prep for the most likely things to happen locally – and put some kits together to address these scenarios. Then prep more!

Nuff Said,


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  • Patrick.Dorwin says:

    For home lighting, you might want to consider those inexpensive solar yard lights. You can leave them outside in the sun to stay charged, then in time of need, bring them in and put them to work. They give off several hours of light. I gave a friend a few when our power was out one night, he looked at me like I was the crazy prepper, but the next day, he had several of these lights in his own yard, because they worked o well.

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