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Building A Yurt As An Easily Transportable Home

By Matt

build-a-yurtThe Mongolian people have been living in Yurts (or Gers) since before the time of Gengis Khan where they are still the main type of home to some three quarters of the population.

In Western Europe and the USA, yurt construction is gaining in popularity as alternative dwellings and I reckon, could be a viable solution to temporary housing needs, or in a post SHTF situation.

  • Mongolian Yurts can easily be erected in a couple of hours and can be dis-assembled and moved to another site if needs arise in less than an hour.
  • Yurts are still constructed traditionally in Asia from wool felt, allowing them to be kept warm even in sub zero temperatures.
  • The canvas sides can be rolled up to allow fresh air to circulate, keeping them cool in summer.
  • The overall structure height is low making it easy to be screened effectively from unwanted attention.

Building A Yurt With The WalleHalla Team

You can watch the full video from Hun Men On You Tube Here
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Step 1 – Getting It All Together On The Base

1 Laying the foundationImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

Every shelter or home should start with a good solid foundation and building a yurt is no different. Start with a good solid foundation.  Here the team are laying all the component parts out on the base materials made of lumber planks linked together. Whatever base you use you will need it raised off the ground. Modern yurt building uses frames made of lumber with plywood sheets or floorboards like these.

Step 2 – Central Support Going Up

3 putting the central support togetherImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

Most of the smaller family size yurts have self supporting roofs without the need for any central poles to support it. This keeps available space inside to a maximum. This yurt is a pretty large one so has a central roof support structure.

Step 3 – Starting To Put The Sides Up

2 Fitting the doorway and getting the walls upImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

Putting the wall sections up starts with the door frame. Some examples have fitted window frames too which are constructed in a similar way, so that they can open and close for ventilation and light.

Step 4 – Sides Up

5 Tying it alltogether with the roof supportsImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

The lattice wall support structure is next which is like a garden trellis setup only better made and much more robust. Its all held togther when its up by tension band straps that go all around the outside that support the integrity of the framework.

Step 5 – Roof Supports On

6 The frame up and ready to take the coveringsImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

Roof laths go on. They slot into hooks on the roof ring and onto metal spikes on the tops of the wall.

Step 6 – First Roof And Wall Lining Goes On

7 Putting the first roof covering onImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

The first of the roof and wall coverings go on. This protects the insulating covering that will be going on next.

Step 7 – Side And Roof Covering

8 Got to keep the water outImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

The heavyweight waterproof canvas goes on next to keep out the rain, wind and snow.

Step 8 – Final Cover Goes On

11 making it all look goodImage Via Hunmen – YouTube

The final dressing cover is on next. This is just for asthetics although a cammo one would maybe look pretty slick!

Step 9 – Fit Out The Inside

9 Inside YurtImage Via Pinkbike

Just because its portable doesn’t mean it needs to be cold, wet and miserable. The Mongolians furnish their yurts pretty luxuriously. Solar panels for TVs and computers are becoming more common these days, even out in the middle of nowhere.

Step 10 – Final Info

Yurts aren’t necessarily just for setting up in the backyard or for holiday camping. They provide a viable home alternative to many people who choose to live off grid and can be hooked up to facilities like electricity and running water, building permits aside.

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