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Easy And Quick First Aid To Control Bleeding

By Matt


Quick First Aid For Bleeding

I seriously don’t know why they don’t teach more first aid in schools as so many incidents could be managed better with a little common sense first aid.

Anyway – this is a short tip about bleeding.

Keeping things really basic here guys .

Things To Remember About The Body.

In order for it to work from a medical point of view –

Air has to go in and out and containing enough oxygen.

Blood has to go round and round- propelled by the heart.

If you disrupt any of these and things go down hill pretty smartly.

Now with blood, a couple of things to remember whilst its going round and round.

If you put a hole in the body, (a cut will work fine as well) the red stuff is going to leak out pretty sharpish, stopping it going around the body in sufficient quantities to support life.

Bad news!

So What Do We Do To Stop The Bleeding

Stop the damn stuff leaking out is what we do!


Well just remember the colour of blood, mine’s red and unless you are some sort of alien then yours will be too.


Rest, Elevation, Dressing.

R – Rest,

If your mate cuts himself and starts running around like a dork, then he’s going to make his heart pump faster and the bloods going to leak out faster too!

So sit the dickhead down – That’s the rest bit covered.

E – Elevation,

Now if he’s got a cut across his arm, raise it up above his head. Gravity will slow the blood going UP the arm and help you to control the bleeding.

You can prove this yourself now by raising one arm above your head and let the other one, drop by your side.

Give it a minute and compare the colour of your hands.

The one you had down will be a lot more perfused (full) of blood whilst the one you raised up will be paler by comparison.

This works just as well for legs and feet – lie him down and raise his leg up.

D – Dressing.

Put a dressing over the wound, the best sorts are wound dressings designed for the purpose but any clean absorbent pad will do here.

Bind it to the area with a bandage, use enough pressure to hold it all in place.

That’s it. Easy.

There are other methods including dressings that contain chemicals that will stop bleeding wounds pretty smartish.

And tourniquet’s that will pretty much stop any blood flowing down a limb.

I will go into these in a feature article.

One of the best things to do though is do a first aid course and get some practical knowledge of this topic.

Nuff said,