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Felling Trees – How To Cut Down Trees Safely

By Matt


Firewood anyone?

Before you rush off with that new chainsaw you should consider, there are fewer more dangerous jobs than felling trees.

Even small trees can end up where you didn’t expect!

Unfortunately, even professionals get it wrong sometimes – with about 200 arborists ending up maimed or killed every year in North America.

Even small trees can be a hazard, so before you go ahead and convert that rotten tree in your backyard into firewood….

Think on…

Here’s how to tackle the job safely, if you decide to go ahead yourself, rather than hire a professional tree surgeon.

Things like safety gear is all covered as well as planning an escape route if it doesn’t go as planned.

Felling TreesImage Via Family Handyman

How to Cut Down a Tree

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Just lucky? or highly skilled with balls of steel…
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And How to Completely Get It Wrong

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