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Goods For Barter When SHTF

By Matt


Bartering For Goods In A Post SHTF Scenario.

After  SHTF, its going to be difficult.

Doubly so for those that haven’t prepared!

I recently posted on my FB page about having some dollar bills handy in
case of local emergencies as power outages and even temporary grid down
situations will limit your ability to buy without cash.

But what happens if the situation turns long term or permanent?

Cash is no longer going to be a viable means to get stuff you need. Now
real market forces come into play where the real things of value are
things that support life and comfort.

Paper money becomes nothing more than fire fuel!

Now some survivalists and preppers suggest hoarding real gold and silver
coins to trade with and whilst these may be a good hedge against hard
economic times – you can’t eat or drink them.

There may come a time where you may need to trade or barter for a service
or items you don’t currently have.

Trading And Bartering

Unless you hide away in a bunker until the end of days, you will
need to eventually at some point interact with others. After all surviving
is one thing, living is another!

Trading and bartering stuff has been around for aeons before the idea of
money took hold.

So what have you put aside to trade and barter?

Here’s some ideas:

Salt – countries have gone to war
over salt and its importance as a barter good shouldn’t be overlooked. In
old seafaring days, salt was the only antiseptic available to many and is
still widely used as such today.

It can also be used for attracting wild game (its banned in most states as
a bait now, but post SHTF…..)

Preserving meat and fish. You will need lots!

Fire – Matches, lighters and
other fire making stuff.

Being able to make fire quickly will become pretty important and not
everyone will be as adept as you or I in setting a fire.

– Easy to make and carry about and as long as you can keep wind off
the flame, will provide some pretty useful comforting light. Small
disposable torches also provide a useful bargaining item although
batteries will soon wear out.

Medical Supplies – You’ll need a
lot for your own med supplies but having some extra set aside for trading
will be useful.

Over the counter meds like aspirin and paracetamol and antibacterial
ointments don’t take up a lot of space. Oral antibiotics may have more
value than you would want to give up.

Hygiene items – Small blocks of
soap, toothbrushes and other personal hygiene stuff will all have a value
that can be traded. Packets of alcohol wipes and toilet paper I reckon
will be primo trade goods.

Guns and Ammo – Bit mixed about
these. Would you want to trade away something that could be used against
you? Nah – didn’t think so!

Knives – Everyone will need knives
from basic pocket tools to hunting and survival blades. Useful to have
some cheaper knives about to trade along with other stuff.

Not meant to be an exhaustive list so please add any ones you think are
important in the comments below.

When it comes to bartering, its a skill set all on its own and most
importantly, don’t advertise that fact you have lots of stuff available.

Better to perhaps turn up with a pocketful of bits and bobs rather than a
backpack full to overflowing with nice stuff.

Desperate times make arse-holes out of desperate people!

Nuff Said,


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