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How To Hurricane Proof Your Home – (Infographic)

By Matt

How To Hurricane Proof Your Home

With Hurricanes being one of the top disaster scenarios that are expected more frequently these days, it pays to make sure your house is as secure as it can be for these events.The Atlantic hurricane season is typically from 1st June until the end of November with most tropical activity happening in this timeframe.
10 Costliest Hurricanes in the U.S.
Rank     Name     Year     Insured Property Losses*
1          Katrina     2005      $48.4 billion
2         Andrew     1992       $23.8 billion
3         Sandy        2012       $19.3 billion
4         Ike             2008      $13.6 billion
5         Wilma       2005      $12.1 billion
6         Charlie      2004      $9.1 billion
7         Ivan           2004      $8.6 billion
8         Hugo        1989        $7.1 billion
9         Rita           2005       $6.6 billion
10       Frances    2004      $5.6 billion
*Adjusted for inflation; listed in 2014 dollars. Excludes flood damage covered by NFIP. Source: Property Claim Services (PCS®).

If you live where hurricanes hit then this infographic from Doors-n-More could help you start to make your home more hurricane proof,

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how to hurricane proof your home