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Infographic – Top Ten Uses For Knives In A Survival Situation

By Matt


Top 10 Uses For Knives in a Survival Situation


1. The night approaches and to keep warm you must create a fire. First, use your knife to collect tinder to start the fire. Tinder also comes in handy when it is moist outside and fires are harder to start.

2. The most reliable way to start a fire is by using a bow drill. Use your knife to construct a bow drill. The drill is made up of the board, spindle, handhold and bow. Once constructed, wrap the spindle with the bow and start drilling.

3. Now that you can see and are warm, it’s time to build your shelter. Use your knife to cut down building materials. First start with your framework then add coverage.

4. One of the most important tools you will need is rope. Cut two horizontal lines all the way around a tree trunk and cut a third line vertically between your first two cuts . Peel the piece of bark off the tree and start cutting the piece into smaller strips that can be weaved together to make rope. Some survival knives come with a hook on the end to make rope cutting easier.

5. Your stomach rumbles. It’s time to eat. But before you hunt you will need to use your knife to carve hunting tools. Grooves along the blade make carving easier.

6. You’ve hunted down your dinner and are ready to make the kill. Grip your fingers around the conveniently shaped handle to make sure you do not lose your knife during the takedown. When the time is right, attack your prey.

7. When you bring your dinner back to your shelter you will need to use your knife to skin and prepare your meal. Make sure you have a nice grip on the knife for precise skinning.

8. Just as you are about to fall asleep you hear something outside. You investigate the noise Only to find yourself defending your life from hungry predators.

9. Keep the knife on you at all times. You never know when you may need it. Survival knives often fold so you can safely keep it in your pocket.

10. A boat nears the shore. Reflect the light from the shiny blade to signal distress. “SOS” is signaled with 3 short flashes of light, then 3 long flashes, and then 3 short flashes.

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