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Joe’s Top Six Firearms For Survival Scenarios

By Matt

Guns For Survival

Desperate people will resort to questionable measures to survive, even if it means resorting to violence.

At some point, if you have prepared for SHTF scenarios, you may be faced with the need to take lethal action to defend yourself, family or property from those wishing to take it from you.

With this in mind, thoughts turn to weapons, both for defence against predatory scumbags wanting to take whats yours and to fulfil the need to hunt for food.

I’m not an expert on guns, but Joe Prepper over at survivalist kindly wrote this article for us.

Joe’s Top 6 Guns For Any Survival Scenario

When it comes to making an arbitrary “top 10 list”, there are naturally going to be many people that say, “What about such and such…” or “I can’t believe you put that POS on this list”.

Regardless of where you fall in the prepper landscape, there is no denying the need and the benefit of being armed.

For the sake of argument, this list is going to be geared towards firearms that are not insanely expensive. While it might be cool to have a .50 calibre sniper rifle, the reality is that most people cannot afford this gun.

This list will focus on guns that offer the best performance, durability, and the guns that offer the easiest ammunition to come by all while falling into the “affordable” price range.

With that being said, the following list is not in order of importance but rather is ranked for ease of reading. Here we go.

#6 Sig Sauer SIG556 Classic

Sig Sauer SIG556 Classic

When it comes to reliability and performance, Sig Sauer is hard to beat. There are plenty of different AR-15 models that you could look at including Bushmaster, DPMS, or S&W so it really is your preference.

This particular gun shoots a 5.56mm NATO round as well as .223 making it a little easier to find ammunition.

The AR-15 platform is very common and it offers great self-defense capability as well as being a gun that can be used for hunting. The AR style rifle has great range. It is easy to find replacement parts for this type of gun as well.

#5 Glock 22


The GLOCK 22 is a great all around pistol. This particular pistol is a favourite of many police units ranging from local police all the way to the upper echelons of the CIA and the FBI.

This is a .40 calibre pistol that offers tremendous power and accuracy. When it comes to home defence and personal safety, it is hard to beat a GLOCK. This pistol is designed to hold 15 bullets and the ammunition is not hard to find.

#4 Mossberg 715T

Mossberg 715T

Some love it and others hate it. The Mossberg 715T is really nothing more than a glorified .22L rifle.

However, this particular rifle is designed to look similar to an AR style rifle and it does offer many different upgrades. This gun makes the list because it is easy to use, the recoil is very minimal, and the ammunition is easy to come by.

The .22 has long been a standard in the rifle arena and the 715T is a great gun to have in your prepper stash.

This particular gun is a tactical gun that can be fitted with superior sights. For under $300, you really can’t go wrong with this gun.

#3 Remington 87 Express Tactical Shotgun

Remington 87 Express Tactical Shotgun

This is an oldie but a goodie.

This is a gun that has been proven to be reliable, and that is why it is still around. This is a pump shotgun with an 18.5-inch barrel.

This is literally a point and shoot gun.

There is a reason that police departments all over the world enjoy this particular gun. The magazine will hold 7 2 ¾ inch or 3-inch shells as well as holding one in the chamber.

When loaded with slugs this is a great gun for dropping a deer or an intruder. Prices can range from $399 to $599.

#2 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

Again, there are many different manufacturers that offer a good 380. However, when it comes to performance it is hard to find another 380 that outperforms this particular gun.

It is a small gun that is perfect for concealed carry. It offers great knockdown power as well as above average accuracy.

The S&W comes with an integral laser sight that offers, even more comfort and accuracy. All this for just over $400.

#1 Remington Model 798

Remington Model 798

This is a great hunting rifle. While there are other options available, you would be hard-pressed to find a better hunting rifle that falls in this price range.

Speaking of price, this particular gun can be had for just under $700. This is a .30-06 rifle that offers great performance, durability, as well as craftsmanship.

All Shapes And Sizes

It has been said that guns are like people; they come in all shapes and sizes.
There are literally hundreds of styles of guns that you could use in your prepper stash and they all probably have their merits.

The real benefit of the listed guns is that they are easy to use, they are proven to be durable, it is not insanely difficult to find ammo for them, and they are not outrageously priced.

The key to surviving a disaster scenario is being prepared. Having the food and the water you need is paramount, but it is also vitally important that you have the ability to defend your family and your property. These guns will offer that capability as well as offer the ability to hunt for additional food.

Joe Prepper is an Outdoorsman, Hunter and Prepper. His awesome site can be found at

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Just like to close with a quote from CJ

CJ Harrington, posted on facebook “Here on my homestead, I have a Ruger 10/22. Great little rifle. Served me very well for decades, filling the pot in ALL kinds of weather (ammo: high-velocity rounds). I have a Rem 870 with a slug barrel, bird barrel, and 18-inch short barrel. Couple of “bolt guns” Rem 700 in .308, Savage in 30.06 and .243. They all help with keeping the freezer filled. IF I needed to defend myself, any of these weapons would do in a pinch. As for handguns, I have a few assorted ones, nothing really that stands out as special. Just my thoughts from a dirt-farmer in Northern Wisconsin!”

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    Anyone using the more powerful pellet rifles? I have several firearms covering about everything but with 22 cal. rounds getting difficult to find , I was thinking of getting a powerful, dependable .177 or .22 pellet rifle for small game.

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