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My Five Favorite Survival Knives

By Matt

Favourite Survival Knives

Our Top Five Favourite Survival Knives

What makes a great favourite survival knife? Well the feedback is pretty varied but some of you have put forward your preferences, so I thought a quick run through of a few, for the rest of my readers to think about,


K-Bar BK11


Made by THE Iconic American company making knives since 1898

The USMC Kabar was issued to the USMC during WW2 and hasn’t stopped serving since. The KBAR USMC knife is still available with the leather handle. My personal favourite!

The K-BAR BK11 is available as a skeleton blade neck knife or you can add micarta grips if that’s your thing.

Cool 1095 Cro-van steel blade made in the USA making the knife measure in at 6 ¾ inches.

The sheath – Plastic – OK “Glass filled nylon” – made in Taiwan.

A Short History of K-Bar in the video below

Camillus Tanto


A 7 ¾ inch fixed blade knife made of AUS-8 Japanese steel and carbonitride.

Camillus say it won’t flake and the blade is ten times harder than untreated steel to stay sharper longer and rust free.

Les Strouds line of survival knives from Camillus feature the same blade materials and solid build although the handles are a bit “plasticky” for my taste. Made offshore.

Sheath – the same plastic reinforced thing as kbar, but you can get a cool leather one to fit for a few extra bucks!

I’ve seen a lot of posts on the blade forums about counterfeit Camillus blades, so that great deal on eBay might just be too good to be true.

Camillus has some pretty good info on their site on how to spot fakes.




Up a few bucks (well a lot more bucks really) in the price range but what a blade!

Made in the UK of Sheffield Steel by Scorpion Knives and was originally developed for hunters and the anti-poaching crews of South Africa, by Anton Du Plessis. (He delivers survival and wilderness courses in the badlands of South Africa these days. Just hasn’t got a TV show on Discovery Channel!)

A 5 inch, full tang deep blade make this one of the heavier blades about and comes with a linen micarta handle, ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your grubby paws.

The sheaths are made of Cordura nylon by Blackhawk USA but if you’ve got the extra dollars, you can have a hand made leather one.

I am having one of these!

Scorpion Knives have been around making blades since 1864 for the military and discerning blade gurus.

They also make the Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger famed in WW2 for dispatching the enemy up close.


Coldsteel Kukri

Cold Steel Kukri

Not seen these as survival blades before but the knife style has been around for a long while.

Originally a fighting knife, favoured by the Gurkhas who have served as a regiment attached to the British Army since 1816.

The Cold Steel San Mai III Kukri looks one hell of a blade and the video below sure shows its awesome potential, even if you are just into stabbing dead pork!


These are not cheap blades but are made from high carbon SK-5 Steel with Kray-Ex handles.

It’s unfortunate that there are some dodgy knock-offs of cold Steel products, mainly being imported from Asia.

There is a great help section on Cold Steels website if you’ve bought what you thought was a Cold Steel Blade and need to check you haven’t been ripped off.


S&W G10

S&W G10

One of the few folders to make the list!

S&Ws Extreme Black Ops has a half serrated blade that may be great as an EDC but maybe not up to the bashing that it may get as a primary survival blade?

It certainly would be useful as a backup but there are more robust better quality folders about IMHO!

So what makes a great survival knife?

There seems to be a shit load of blade styles and makers favoured by you guys.

You all no doubt have your favourites. I don’t think you can beat a fixed blade from a reputable maker. I’m going after a Warthog as my next blade!

Maybe Santa will bring me an early present?

Keep Safe,