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Got Yourself Lost? How To Find Your Way Using The Stars

By Matt

How To Find Your Way Using The Stars

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Got yourself lost?
Finding your way using the stars is a lot more simple than you might realize. In the days before GPS, aircrews would find their way across countries with pinpoint accuracy.

You should at least be able to find north by looking at the stars!

Lots of people love the idea of finding direction and navigating using the stars, but are put off because they fear it is complicated. It does not need to be complicated at all, it is something you can learn to do in minutes. In fact finding direction using the stars is much quicker and easier than using a compass.

The easiest method for finding the North Star is by finding the Plough, an easy to identify group of seven stars. It is known as the Big Dipper to the Americans and the saucepan to many others. Next you find the pointer stars, these are the two stars that a liquid would run off if you tipped up your saucepan. The North Star will always be five times the distance between these two pointers in the direction that they point (up away from the pan).True north lies directly under this star.