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Purifying Water For Survival Situations

By Matt

Water splash


Purifying Water For Your Survival Situation

Water, it comes out of the tap and we pretty much take it for granted.

What if however, water isn’t readily available.

Hard to imagine?

For many people its pretty much the norm, and whilst we may wish it were not if we are faced with a survival situation, water is going to have to be our biggest priority.

As humans, we consist of mostly water, and if you stop taking it in, in quantities large enough and clean enough to sustain you, you are not going to last very long.

It doesn’t have to be TEOTWAWKI for this to happen either!

Your local sewerage treatment plant may have a malfunction. This happened where I live, and a local flood contamination had the water supply inaccessible for two weeks.

You may find yourself lost in the wild following a breakdown and need to hike back to the nearest town – whoops, bummer, bug out bag and spare water left in a closet at home!

Not going to happen to you, is it?

The reality is, though, that we are faced with a survival situation where the only water (if we are lucky) is a stream where you know there are animals, or from ponds and holes in the ground.

So What’s Going To Happen If I Don’t Drink Enough?

Well, that depends.
You may last 3 or 4 days without water if you don’t move around too much, but if you want to survive – I mean live – you will have to find some way of cleaning up the water you do have access to, or those three days are going to end pretty shittily for you!

Move around a bit and breathing, sweating and pissing all deplete your fluid reserves where you body cells shrink and stop working properly to the point of dehydration, fatigue and eventually death.

Most healthy people need about 2-3 litres daily, just to replace what they lose through the day, so in ANY survival situation, finding and making water drinkable is going to be the top priority.

Ok. I’ve Found Some Water, Now What?

Bravo! You’re a true survivor, but what you’ve got is a gallon of something that looks pretty foul.How do you get it fit to drink?

First off is to try and filter some of the debris and muck out.

You can make filters out of the clothes you wear, grass, sand and charcoal. If stuck out in the wild, this may be the only sort of option you have to start. If you are in a home situation, having something set up already is a prep you should consider now.

Now We Need To Kill Off The Bugs!

Don’t underestimate the power of contaminated water. Upwards of 10 million people worldwide die each year from drinking shitty water.

You don’t want to become part of that statistic!

Drinking contaminated water can lead to dysentery, fever and typhoid.

In fact, after natural disasters worldwide, the results of drinking contaminated water afterwards increases the death toll quite dramatically.


Boiling Your Water

Probably the most universally recognised, surest way of killing the nasties in the dirty water.

You will need something to contain the water in, and a heat source to get it up to boiling and keep it boiling for 20 minutes or so.

Lets assume here you have these otherwise, you are right up shit creek now!

A tin can or similar would be great, but you could also boil the water by dropping hot rocks from a fire into it if your container isn’t fire-proof.

Sunlight Purification

bottles UV

After boiling, using sunlight to purify water is the next best thing.

A lot of commercial purification systems use UV light to purify water for domestic use, and whilst you may or may not have access to a filter system like this now, we can use the same concept to make our water safe to drink in many survival type situations.

You will need a container like a clear PET Bottle, however, an open container will work too. You will need to expose the water in the container to direct sunlight for about six hours to be really sure.

It works by the suns UV radiation killing off harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses in the water.

It’s a pretty effective way of killing off just about 99% of the harmful microbes in water.

Aquatabs, Bleach and Chemicals


If you have some water purification tablets like aqua tabs or similar, these are great at killing off the bugs in gathered water. Filter it first then add a tab as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Unfortunately, they’re not currently recommended by the FDA, but they are carried in a lot of military survival packs worldwide, so who’s kidding who?

You can also use household bleach like Clorox to purify water although it will smell a bit and taste bleachy.

Clorox reckons that two drops per quart will kill just about anything that will harm you in drinking water.

Prepare Now!

It’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you are in need of emergency water supplies.

Its also going to be pretty crap to be in a situation where you are at risk from drinking contaminated water, so a little bit of Prep will go a long way now.

Get your shit together and put some resources together to help you purify water should you need to do it at home.

Plenty of drinkable water is going to be number one priority.

Put a survival kit together if you are heading into the wild that addresses finding and purifying water.

And don’t become a statistic like everyone else.

Keep safe,