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Putting A Bug Out Bag Together Part Three – What’s Nice To Have And When To Bug Out

By Matt

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What’s Nice To Have.

Whilst you can cook with a fire and your canteen cup, its easier and less hassle if you have a small camp cook set and cooker, you can have a hot drink on the go whilst you are making a fire and setting up camp.

Solid fuel cookers don’t take up a lot of space and can be used with wood chips and small sticks.

Baby wipes – usually antibacterial and can be used to clean up before preparing your food. Also, it’s a great way to freshen up when you are short of water.

Mozzie repellant – Whilst you aren’t going to die from mozzie bites, they do make a walk pretty uncomfortable.

If you are in an area where mosquitos or other biting insects are about load up with a tube of Deet to keep the damn things away from you.

Multi Tool – don’t bother with a cheapo brand but a good model can supplement the main survival knife you already carry.

Having one may mean being able to fix a piece of kit or not or being able to salvage things that may help your situation.

Tent – If you haven’t put up emergency shelters or used other improvisation methods, a bug out situation isn’t the place to learn.

Better to have a lightweight tent that you can put up quickly.  Practice putting it up when you buy it, not when you are in a survival situation.

Walking Stick – A good hiking pole will help especially if you are carrying a weighty load on your back. Makes a pretty good improvised weapon in a rush if you need it too.

Buy Quality Gear

Quality – it may seem a good deal buying cheap stuff to be able to get a bug out bag set up, but crap gear will fail when you least expect or need it to.

Buy the best you can afford at the time and if you need to make do in the meantime, aim to replace it with better quality gear as soon as you can.

Packing Out Your Bug Out Bag

You will need to pack your gear by priority of use.

That’s to say, the stuff you need first need to be at the top of the pack. Your weapon (if carried) will need to be near the top whilst extra clothing and your food stuff can be buried near the bottom.

I haven’t used a pack yet that has been completely waterproof, so it’s a good idea to wrap your gear in plastic bags to keep it dry.

Don’t use a vacuum compactor to make it easier to get your gear in your pack. It works great the first time but as soon as you unpack you will struggle to get all your gear back inside.

Stuff sacks and compression sacks are good at making large items like a sleeping bag, small enough to fit inside and clothing can be compacted down to smaller sizes too.

Some stuff can be carried on the outside of your pack but be careful not to advertise how well stocked and prepared you are.

Carrying a hatchet and trenching tool strapped to your pack, along with a Rambo knife in a shiny leather sheath, is a sure signal you have something of value. Desperate people don’t have to be zombies to resort to violence, if they want to take it from you.

Pack your gear the same way and practice so if you need some piece of kit in a hurry you can find it without having to empty your pack out.

When Do You Need To Bug Out?

Only you will be able to make the decision when its best to bug out, but you will need to make a plan.

Go through it and try to cover as many scenarios as you can based on your local expectations.

If the roads are blocked by large volumes of cars it may be better to bug out on foot and you will need to plan for this.

If possible try and keep in contact with other members of your group or family and try and meet at pre arranged points if this is in your plan. Have back up plans and above all try and keep it simple.

There is no perfect bug out bag or plan, but by making one up based on your needs, you will be well ahead of most other people out there who find themselves in the crap.

I hope this series of posts has helped you at least have some thoughts about getting a bug out bag sorted. Don’t be caught by surprise like most other people. You won’t now will you??

Nuff Said,



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