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Putting Together A Hygiene And Sanitation Plan

By Matt


Shit happens! And whilst that may be a funny to some, to us it means being aware and prepared for the consequences of others lack of planning and ineptitude.

To this end being prepared to deal with emergency sanitation issues, be them at home following an outage or serious environmental catastrophe or out in the field if you have had to bug out, is something that has to be planned for.

Otherwise the shit will be happening to you!

Putting Together A Hygiene And Sanitation Plan

Emergency hygiene and sanitation does not appear to be as important as it should be to most people.

It times of crisis, natural disasters and other SHTF scenarios we often have much more pressing needs to address, however if we don’t attend to basic hygiene and sanitation, all these other efforts will be wasted.

Camping trips can and do turn into nightmares as people are struck down with debilitating illnesses due to lack of basic hygiene.

People have died in emergency camps and continue to do so for want of proper waste disposal systems.

Disasters typically disrupt existing sanitation facilities, as well as displace people into areas already under strain.

Sewerage often contaminates water supplies and leads to diarrhea, diseases including hepatitis and cholera, which unless checked will likely spread to the wider population.

It Can And Does Happen Here


katrina floodwaters

This nightmare scenario isn’t limited to third world countries either.

Think after Hurricane Katrina when the sewer disposal system, the pumps, and the treatment center in New Orleans were all submerged in 20 feet of floodwater Ref: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK54237/

As well as keeping a basic hygiene and sanitation kit at your home to cover for such things as power outages, hurricanes earthquakes or other unforeseen incidents, you should also have one in your car or truck.

It’s especially important if you are planning a trip or bugging out with the kids as bowel or bladder control is not as honed as adults.

Kids also vomit as you are scrambling around for something to catch it in, generally missing the bucket you hold out for them. Won’t you just love that smell for the rest of your journey?

Elderly people are much more susceptible to illnesses caused by lack of hygiene too.

Now That You Know How Bad Lack Of Hygiene Can Be – What should Your Hygiene Kit Contain?

I reckon you should ensure you have all that you need to keep you and your family clean.

Stuff like soap, toothbrush and other personal hygiene products for each member of your family is pretty easy, but paying attention to your waste disposal needs is equally as important.

Be sure to include enough supplies to reduce the likelihood of disease as much as possible.

Stay as clean as possible

Don’t spread bugs by hand contact – wash hands and use sanitizer often.

Take extra care when handling food and cooking. EXTRA CARE. I’d make sure you keep food storage and prep WELL away from toileting and washing.

Common Sense?


Use stored water as much as possible and be very careful not to cross contaminate it with dirty hand contact.

Be very careful to prevent cuts and scrapes as they are much more likely to become infected in these sorts of situations. Clean immediately and cover with wound dressings.

Sanitation And Hygiene Supplies List – Some Suggestions

The Basic Kit

  • Plastic bucket with a good fitting lid
  • Heavy duty garbage bags with ties
  • Household bleach like Clorox
  • Moist towelettes like baby wipes
  • Waterless shampoo

Other stuff:

  • A first aid kit
  • A bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer, smaller personal bottles of same for each family member.
  • Feminine hygiene products,
  • Clean towels and facecloths although disposable paper ones would be good.
  • A stove and large pot to boil water and wash clothes and towels


The above lists are by no means exhaustive and you will want to add stuff as you see fit. Mine fits into a couple of buckets, make yours to fit your own personal and storage needs.

Interestingly toilet paper seems to be most in demand at these times along with drinking water.

I hope after reading this you will realize just how important it is to keep yourselves and the environment around you clean.

Don’t risk putting yourself or your loved ones in a shitty situation!

Nuff said,


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