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Storm Warning – Are You Ready To Get Snowed In This Winter?

By Matt

Already this year we have seen winter storms hit the United States. We can expect there is worse yet to come, with weather forecasters warning of plummeting temperatures and lots of ice and snow.

So I have to ask – Are you prepared for a few days snowed in?

Worse – without power for any longer?

Well some of us have got our shit together, but many haven’t thought abouta few days, locked indoors, unable to get out because of the snow and ice.

Expect your local city services to come sort you out?

Forget it!, They be rapidly overwhelmed trying to keep major facilities like power grids and hospitals working.

Major roads might be kept open, but look back and see how effective that has been over the last few winters.

Ice freezing on power lines brings them down, that’s even more trouble as people find they are unable to heat their homes, cook and remain clean.

But not you, you’re prepared….aren’t you?

It’s still not too late to get some supplies together in case it goes to
shit! Do it now!

You’re could need supplies for at least a couple of weeks for you and your family (and if you have guests due to the holiday season, then you’ll need a lot more)

This list is not exhaustive but here’s some essentials.


Pipes freeze, pumps don’t work. The water doesn’t come out of the taps. You’re going to need at least a gallon a day by my reckoning. Per person!
If you’re snowed in, there’ll be plenty of the frozen stuff around, but you’ll need to be able to make it safe for

I did a post a while ago about purifying water to drink, you can read it here.


As well as enough food to keep you functioning, you are going to need a safe stove to cook it on. Sure you can eat some canned stuff cold, but that sucks and it’s not just moral boosting eating hot food.

Make sure if you use a camp stove indoors, it’s got enough ventilation to
be safe.


Lighting is pretty vital, being stressed out in
total darkness just isn’t necessary as there’s loads of cheap lighting

Garden lights that have solar cells on them are pretty useful and they can
last a few hours; torches will go flat pretty quick with constant use.

Candles are pretty failsafe, but you will need plenty.

Don’t forget matches and lighters!

Here’s a great way to make emergency candles


Sitting around freezing to death is going to be an unfortunate outcome for many.

With no power or means to heat their homes, many could succumb to
hypothermia and die!

You mustn’t!

Don’t try to keep your whole house heated if you have no power.

Move into one room or an area that can be heated with a small propane or
oil heater.

Just be careful that there is enough ventilation though. Wrap up
well with extra clothes, layering up and don’t forget a hat.

I had an acquaintance that used a portable generator in his house during a power outage and he was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. It doesn’t take much to kill you!

Luckily he was found in time. Just be careful!!


I can’t emphasise the importance of personal
hygiene during SHTF situations. It’s easy to get sick if you don’t take
care and keep clean.

You’ll need plenty of trash bags to keep rubbish stored safely. Try and
reduce the need to wash stuff, plastic disposables will help conserve
water for drinking.

Hand sanitizer should be used often.

If your toilet won’t work because of lack of power or water, it’ll soon back up and be a serious health hazard.

Keep them away from the area you are spending your time keeping warm in
and use hand sanitizer often.

Keep Safe




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    Up here in Wisconsin, it gets COLD!…and sometimes the power goes out. I keep a few spring-loaded shower rods around. I use them to block off rooms with blankets…

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