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Why The Survivalist Mindset Is Right For Everyone

By Matt

Why The Survivalist Mindset Is Right For Everyone

Survivalist planning doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to be building a castle in order to survive through times of crisis.
Some people will have you believe that a major doomsday scenario is about to unfold – who really knows?

A global pandemic may hit, certainly, we wouldn’t want to see the likes of the Flu Pandemic that wiped out 3-5% of the world’s population in 1918.

It’s possible!

Economic collapse?

Post GFC (Global Financial Crisis) we see the banks that helped cause the meltdown richer than ever and the influences of the Fed stretching worldwide.

If it all came tumbling down soon, it would certainly be a doomsday scenario in the making!
A worldwide depression like no other!

What’s Happening Where You Live?

Most SHTF scenarios will more than likely be at a more local level.

A power grid malfunction, unexpected storms and other bad weather problems.
Snow and ice deeper than ever, or rains washing away roads and other infrastructure.

Forest fires.

Problem is, when this happens, a lot of people hit panic mode.
They’re just unprepared.

Getting through in good shape with you and your family safe is gonna be the best outcome.

Mindset And Planning

It takes some mindset and planning.
Lots of other people will scrape through on the bones of their arse and by the mercy of rescue services, although these may already be overwhelmed.
Ending up in a rescue centre at a football stadium, might not be a temporary solution either.

Best thing I think is to prepare as much as you can. You won’t be able to cover everything.

Start at home.

Start thinking of being without power for 24 hours,

Then a week, maybe longer. How would you really cope?

Imagine if your home is damaged and won’t provide the shelter and security you need.
The water supply is limited or worse, contaminated with sewerage.
The desperate have already been down to the supermarkets and cleared the shelves of any foodstuffs.

It happens!

Having a survival mentality doesn’t mean you are in some fringe group the government needs to be afraid of or are at imminent threat of Discovery Channel knocking on your door.
Just that you are prepared as best you can be for when shit happens!

You’ve got shelter, decent drinking water and food. You’ve got the means to keep your family safe.

How extreme you want or need to go is up to you.
You’re proactive rather than reactive.

A survivalist!

Keep safe,